What we do

Founded in 2011, the non-profit organization, named Sugarpulp has aims and purposes that are in particular:

  • Aggregation in the name of common cultural interests such as literature, film and the arts in general.
  • Promoting artistic identities also territorial (literary, cinematic and artistic in general) facilitating dissemination, even international, of the same, expanding the literary, cinematic and artistic in general, through the promotion of artists and their works by bringing them together with the world business, government agencies, individuals, foundations and associations.


  • Events of national and international importance in the region as the Sugarspritz and SugarCon (Sugarpulp Convention).
  • Promotion through the most modern digital tools such as online journals and Sugarpulp Sugarpulp MAGAZINE WORLDWIDE, the blog / news / study SugarDAILY, Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and others) as a reference point for lovers and lovers of books , movies, TV series, comic books, games and art in general.

We carry out the activities, courses and workshops in the beautiful multi-purpose venue located in the Sottopasso della Stua (corner C.so Garibaldi/L.go Europa) in the center of Padua (Tram stop “Eremitani”). open-day-presentazione-corsi-sugarpulp-01

Cultural Partnerships

Nordest Boulveard, Yavin 4, Associazione Jeos, Scuola di Muscia Gershwin, Kinima, Progetto Egitto Veneto501st Legion Italica Garrison.